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You want to rent out your place (house, villa, appartment, chalet, bungalow, etc...) or you wish to increase your occupancy rate and make more money out of it? You don't really know how it works or you don't get the results you expected to reach? Here is the list of services that Bookings. provide without charging you as you pay us only after you start making money (See our terms and conditions)


  • Start your rental activity
  • Increase your rental income
  • Optimize your profits
  • Reduce the risk/stress
  • Get our professional advice
  • Keep total control of your listing
  • Make money from the first month
  • Maximize your occupancy rate
  • Reduce all unnecessary expenses
  • Delegate the job - Save your time
  • Become quickly familiar with the market
  • Receive all your payments directly

In the past recent years, the tourism industry has experienced the most important revolution of its existence. Hotels chains, resorts, condominiums, etc… are not the only actors on the market. You can also be a part of the game as far as you own or lease a property and wish to get a piece of the cake.

Nowadays, millions of individuals around the world make a significant amount of money monthly by renting out their property thanks to the famous platforms such as airbnb, tripadvisor, homeaway, booking, agoda, etc…

The receipt for success seems very easy at first: describe your place, put some pictures, set a price and your listing is online… as simple as that!


Problem: 90% of the listings do not get booked well, many of them not at all…

So what’s the point? What make so many people failing in renting out their place and so few people successful in it?
Actually, things are not as simple as they seem.

First, there is a high competition in that sector already. A few years have been enough to attract millions of people in this new and appealing market. Joining the community today may well means you shall just end up at the bottom of the list, far away behind those who are already there for years. Like a new website on a search engine.

Another reason is that, as any other business, property rental requires some very specific skills:


  • Professional hosting experience
  • Booking platform systems knowledge
  • Daily focus/update
  • Online rental key factors assimilation
  • Customer service optimization
  • Guest communication
  • Online Negotiation
  • Terms and conditions Adjustment
  • Local market/competition study
  • Pricing strategy

Online rental business is not a hobby or a part time job. It is a full time work that requires a permanent attention and a compilation of all the skills mentioned above.

Bookings. bring you all its expertise in order to make your property a successful and highly profitable business.


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