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Colleen (South Africa)
“When my friend told me that there was a professional company that could market my villa for rental, I got interested and got in touch. Within a couple of months, I got 70% occupancy rate and USD 2,500 net profit. Just incredible!”


Sophie (Belgium)
“I just don’t know how they do it, but they do it!!! I cannot recommend this company enough if you own a property and wish to rent it out. Well you should just give it a try and see the results…”


Alix (Bali)
“My husband and I live in France but own a villa in Bali. It was already 3 years since we purchased it and just couldn’t find a way to get some Bookings. We even took our listing off the net and were thinking just to try to sell our place out. Then we made some researches to find expert people and booking service popped up! And we have to say they did a great job in a very short time. Today we think of building a new villa!”


Farid (Algeria)
“Thumbs up guys!! Keep on doing the job…”


Gilles (Maroc)
“… My hotel was doing quite okay. The yearly occupancy was about 60%. I thought we could do better but didn’t really know where to start. My staff told me she heard about a company who was specialized in online booking optimization. Didn’t even know it existed. So I decided to give it a try and well… it worked! Now we have reached 85% occupancy …”


Alex (France)
“Since I use ‘Bookings.’, I purchased 2 new apartments”


Michele (Australia)
“I’ve been in the tourism business for more than 30 years. My business was a bit old fashioned, mainly based on word to mouth and regular clients. I am not familiar with the internet thing and didn’t really want to get involved in it. Bookings. was just the perfect choice for me: they handle everything and they improved my revenues up to 30% per month!”


Greg (Brazil)
“I own an apartment in Rio for more than 4 years and just used it for my personal holiday. As it is a seaview flat with pool and great facilities I thought I should try to rent it over for short term periods. As I didn’t have time to handle it I just browsed the internet and found Bookings. So far, everything is going well and my rental income keeps on increasing every month in a significant way”


Yann (Swiss)
“… I didn’t know anything about online booking and I was too busy to get into it. Then I heard there was a company taking care of the business and getting paid on their results only. I thought why not giving it a chance. Best decision of my life!!! Got net profit from the first month, doubled it in 3 months and now I get a great monthly payout!”


Jean (India)
“Spending my time between Goa and Jaipur, I was renting 2 places in the same time for years, cumulating both rents and leaving them empty half of the year. Now I rent them both while I’m away thanks to Bookings., and I make some good money out of it”

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